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The Story
This article took me a while to begin.  Mom passed away a few weeks ago. She went with grace- the way she lived her life. The last parent to go and the end of a generation.
My mother was a true lady and embodied her generation to the fullest.  She never spoke badly about anyone, she always dressed nicely sporting a different scarf daily.  She looked put together and neat, with her hair in place (guess I did not inherit that trait.)  She was a humble beauty. She loved my dad and was his ardent supporter for over 72 years until he passed away.  She had her own ideas and was her own person. She was so proud of any accomplishment from her children, no matter how small.

She worried a lot- about everyone and everything- from our health to the unopened pile of mail. She had seen it all- WWII, the Great Depression, Women’s Suffrage, the Civil Rights movement, and the state of our current world.  She watched as we have taken steps backward and she worried for our and future generations. She loved her generation and watched it change- sometimes loving the change and sometimes not quite understanding it. She stayed educated as she read the NY Times daily.

Mom was a generous woman and supported many organizations.  One of her favorites was Hadassah, a international powerful women’s health and advocacy non-profit. Hadassah hospital in Israel was founded by this group. My sister was a president of her group making mom proud. Although mom made me a life member years back, I did not follow in my sisters footsteps- I stayed away.

What Made Mom Happy
A few years ago I spoke at a Hadassah regional meeting and what I saw was a highly intelligent and powerful group of women with a mission of improving the world. So, like the all or nothing person I am, I soon became active and have been president of the Health Professional Group of Atlanta chapter for two years. Mom was so happy.

Currently, I am co-running a very big Atlanta Hadassah  event that mom would love because she would learn something.  Gender Equity in Medicine The focus is on the fact that  women are treated and tested based on male cells and it is dangerous to women’s health. We are not little men- so why is there a disparity in testing and how can we change the current reality?  One of my favorites, Barbara Streisand has spoken out about this issue especially in heart health.  She has a bit larger platform than I (ya think??) but I do the best I can. The event is in Atlanta Sunday, September 10th.  If you are local, take a look at our all-star lineup and join me in educating myself and fostering change.  We are certified to provide CEU’s for nurses. Tickets

The Moral 
My mother never liked me to get upset, no matter what was happening around me.  The truth is that getting upset and feeling powerless causes stress and anxiety (yes, it all comes down to stress!)  My only antidote is to speak up and be a change maker, and yes at times to Robert’s dismay- yell at the TV.
Here is what I do to foster change- I donate as mom did to organizations that have my values, I involve myself with others who share in my core values of human rights, I am active in running programs that are of service to humanity, and to try daily to walk my talk.
Yes, mom would be proud of me and would want this program to rock.  Please check it out, join me, and share with all those you know.

Mom, I miss you and hope you and dad are rocking in his green Packard.  Love and hugs…



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  1. Randi Rubenstein August 24, 2017

    This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. This is the legacy we can aspire to as mothers…raising the next generation in a way where we leave the world a better place than we found it. Of course your mama is looking down at you and feeling tremendous pride that she raised daughters like you and your sis to continue her legacy of making the world a better place and showing up from a place of strong female leadership. Adore you Ellen❤️


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