Meditation: It Is Not Granola Anymore!


This is the title of a recent LA Times article, and another confirmation of the power of Mindful Based meditation. The most intriguing part is who is reaping the benefits. IT not only yogi’s anymore. A few exerts are:

“The room was full of hospital executives and managers in lab coats and scrubs, jeans and sports coats at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. And the teacher was Marturano, once a top executive at General Mills.”

“The unrelenting siege on our attention can take a good share of the credit; stress has bombarded people from executives on 24/7 schedules to kids who feel the pressure to succeed even before puberty. Meditation has been lauded as a way to reduce stress, ease physical ailments like headaches and increase compassion and productivity.”

I have said over and over (and over…) again that simple mindful based practices will save you from the harmful consequences of stress that are imploding in many of us.

Mindful based practices are not about getting rid of stress because that is unrealistic. The practices are not about disappearing from life (that is not practical when driving!)

Let’s get real… you can go to the mountain top there will be a cloud or bug that is getting on your nerves. The problem is: No matter where you go, you take yourself with you!

The realist in me realizes that stress is here to stay.

So, what is causing all of our stress? It is your reaction, not the event that causes your stress. The good news is- you can make a shift, and it only takes a moment.

Next time you have the thought that meditation is “out there”, think again. It is old as the hill, here to stay and spreading like wildfire. Why not give it a try?

If you are a business person, why not increase your stamina and productivity?
If you are in healthcare, why not avoid burnout and get back to loving your work?
If you are a stay at home mom or dad, why not enjoy your kids even more?
If you are ill or caregiving, why not get back to enjoying life?

This list will keep on growing because meditation works. It’s that simple…



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