Keep it Simple, Sweetie…

This phrase can change your life.

We are by nature complicated beings.  This time of year we tend to over complicate our lives with plans and events. Many of us strive for the perfect experience and end of getting lost in the planning which adds stress and tension to our lives.

Rather than enjoying family and friends, we spin out of control and stress out so we can enjoy ourselves later.  Later never comes because we are thinking about and planning the next event.  Just writing about this is exhausting! 

What can allow us to enjoy ourselves is to treat ourselves with kindness.

Take a breath, settle into your body, slow down and get centered.  Just do what is in front of you, check in on how you feel and keep your focus on enjoying, rather than doing.

Less can often be more, so remind yourself of this one phrase:  keep it simple, sweetie…



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