Hurry Up and Wait


I rushed to the airport so I would have ample time before my flight home.  With time to spare I slowly sauntered to my gate.  The flight boarded a little late and here I sit, now an hour and a half behind schedule for takeoff.  New announcement:  Flight delayed another 2 hours so please deplane.   It is official:  I have another opportunity to practice patience and in this complex world, sooner or later we become experts!  

With plenty of time to ponder what I wanted to do while I waited, I was pleased with my ability to go with the flow.  Years back I would have gotten quite frustrated and agitated.  Okay, I was still a bit put off, but for the most part I was able to relax and get some work done.

Stressful situations seem to lurk around every corner and we get to choose how we want to respond.  Time is going by whatever we are doing and even though the plane was not moving, the clock was.  So , in my hurry to be there on time, the results were not up to me. 

My lesson today is:  My need to make sure I had more time than needed caused me some stress and what did I gain?  Another few minutes of waiting and a good blog topic!

Let me know in the comments below how you deal with traveling? Are you able to take things as they go, or does frustration take over?



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