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Lunch & Learns: Fun, interactive, and totally useful!

When your group takes time out from their busy day, they want topics that are educational, but presented in a way that does not put them to sleep!

Custom Calm Lunch & Learns are delivered in Ellen’s signature roll up your sleeves, fun, No B.S. approach.  Any topic Ellen presents is geared to help busy people who do not want to slow down learn the skills to take care of themselves no matter what challenges they are dealing with. Attendees will learn basic skills to effectively and quickly get centered and clear, anytime-anywhere. Handouts included.

Topic Suggestions:

  • The No B.S. Guide to Taking Care of Yourself When Life Flips You the Bird: How to stay sane in difficult times
  • Challenging Relationships: How to stop the button pushing
  • Life is a Juggling Act: How to take care of you when you have no time
  • Improve Clarity, Sleep & Stamina: Anytime, anywhere
  • Traveling Often?  Loosen up and lower pain anytime, anywhere- Yes, even at a rest stop!
  • From Chaos to Calm: In a flash
  • Neck & Back Pain? Desk yoga to the rescue!
  • Take Charge of Your Stress & Pain: Pep up, get focused, & kick butt!
  • Caregiving Loved ones? The secret to avoiding burn out

Don’t see your topic?  No worries.  Tell Ellen what you want and if she can make it happen, she will.

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You can choose from any of the above topics for a longer program or simply combine a few topics to provide a comprehensive program. 

Power Sessions

Ellen comes on site and offers one-one-one power sessions.  This customized approach allows the individual to learn a few skills to directly address their particular issues.  Here are a few examples:

  • How to help their autoimmune disease
  • How to deal with the pressures of helping elder parents
  • Home practice to help with sleep
  • Dealing with a child with special needs

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Also, you can check out Ellen’s speaking page to look at signature talk topics


Health & Wellness Programs

Customized Talks

Want a customized talk to target the concerns of your group?  How about an upbeat, interactive talk or workshop for your group?  Any program listed above for businesses or organizations is available for health & wellness events.  Also, check out my speaking page to learn more and to see the health organizations she has presented at.


Support the Support Group Leader Training- Why do you need it?

Teach your leaders how to guide the group away from negativity and towards practical solutions that really help the patients manage their illness and feel better.

Organizations committed to supporting patients and family members dealing with chronic illness, face a universal challenge. Fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, cancer, muscular dystrophy, ataxia, arthritis, Parkinson’s… they all have support groups.

But many of these leaders are volunteers who have the illness themselves, who may not yet have the skills to intervene when the conversation turns negative (or political). It’s not long before attendance drops and leaders feel frustrated. Don’t let this happen to your organization!

I can help you support your group leaders in the skills and moves they need to keep the focus on practical solutions for being with “what is”, when participants may be tempted to revert back to their pain and suffering.

I’ll work with you to give your group leaders consistent structure to effectively help attendees.   Not only have I lived through this with my own illness, I’ve also been a caregiver. So I know first-hand that an upbeat, compassionate, simple approach is the most effective way to guide others.


Support the Support Group Leader training is the solution! 

cover-widgetThis 3 or 6-month program includes everything you need to support your group leaders and volunteers — customized curriculum, workbooks, and step-by-step how-to videos. based on Ellen’s book/CD, Splash Into Calm —a book loaded with techniques, perspectives, and stories, communicated with a casual, playful approach– Support the Support Group Leader   trains your group leaders and volunteers in how to teach attendees simple techniques and practices to help them feel better day to day.

Here’s how it works:

  • Ellen has a virtual live monthly call with leaders: There will be teaching, group discussion, and Q&A in every call.
  • All calls will be recorded, so they can tune in if they miss a call or want a review.
  • They will be assigned a teaching segment, along with the reading from the book, and a simple assignment.
  • There will be a private FB page for extra community support
  • You will be given monthly handouts or videos on the lesson taught
  • In each segment leaders will learn how to teach specific simple practices
  • They will receive additional handouts and practices that are not in the book.

Leaders will learn:

  • How to anchor yourself and your participants in the moment and transform knee jerk reactions into calm responses
  • How to communicate with participants and teach them how to communicate with doctors and loved ones openly and effectively
  • Evidence-based techniques to teach participants how to improve their nervous system and immune system to strengthen your overall health
  • Practices to help quiet participants relentless thoughts so they can improve their memory and focus
  • How to improve participants sleep and relax their body.
  • Learn how to effectively lower participants pain symptoms
  • How to balance participants day and get back to having some fun
  • Skills to help guide participants to stay in the solution.

Your organization will give so much than support- you will empower your families and leaders with tools to improve their wellbeing, no matter what is happening.

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CEU or Continuing Education for Caregivers:    1 or 2 credit hours

For Nurses, Social Workers, Case Managers, & Caregiver Staff

Ellen will come on-location to teach this CEU:

“Keeping it Real: Practical Solutions for Compassion Fatigue”

Nurses, Social Workers and Case Managers — Let’s face it. You’ve got a lot on your shoulders, and that can really take its toll on you. But thankfully, it is easier than you think to stay calm and take care of yourself, even while on the job. It might feel like an uphill battle as you support everyone–both at work and home, with no time for yourself. This CEU is specifically designed to show you   to quickly find focus and inner calm so you can live with more vitality and ease–anytime, anyplace.

  • Boards (ASWB), through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program.
  • Nursing: The Georgia Nursing Board accepts credit hours approved by CCM.
  • CCMC Approved Activity: This program has been pre-approved by The Commission for Case Manager Certification to provide continuing education credit to CCM® board certified case managers.

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