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Ellen Sichel, of Custom Calm has been a life member of Hadassah for thirty four years and is an active member of Greater Atlanta Hadassah Health Professionals.  Ellen supports the important work and commitment of Hadassah Hospital in the area of Heart Health.

Ellen’s expertise is teaching people how to transform stress and pain into quick solution.  A contributing factor in heart disease is a person’s reaction to stressful situations. This is an area where we are able to be proactive.  Ellen’s book Splash Into Calm is filled with techniques and perspectives to avert the harmful consequences of stress. The goal of the book is to provide approachable, playful, realistic, and life changing techniques and perspectives to deal with stress.

When you order directly from this page, Ellen will donate fifteen percent directly to Hadassah.

Ellen recently spoke at the The Heart of Hadassah, the Tri-region Spring Conference for the Southeastern, Southern, and Southern Seaboard Regions. Ellen will donate fifteen percent to Hadassah for all programs and books sold. Ellen is available to speak or design a custom program for any group in the Southeastern region.  Feel free to contact Ellen for questions and information.

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The CD includes a meditation on awareness and a full body relaxation.

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About Splash Into Calm

Calm living—it seems like a nice concept, but in today’s stressful world is it realistic?

Splash Into Calm shows how you don’t have to slow down and chill out to live a life of calm. There is a plethora of concepts and techniques that take just a few minutes of your time so you can embrace each moment of your day. Adopting these methods open you up to increased joy, spontaneity, and pleasure because you are aware and alert.

Ellen Sichel has designed an easy-to-follow format based on the calendar year and presented in monthly themes of four articles each. Read one entry per week, skip around to the theme that provides insight for a particular problem, or read the entire book at a pace that works for you. It’s just that easy.

January:    New Beginnings
February:  Love & Kindness
March:  Pain & Illness
April:  Emergence
May:  Travel
June:  Balanced Living
July:  Relationships & Emotions
August:  Perspective
September:  Responsibility
October:  Day-to-Day Living
November:  Digestion
December:  Stress

For more information about Ellen and Custom Calm, check out her website.


“In whatever way you’ve come upon Splash Into Calm, consider the pages you hold in your hand a gift that can help you change your approach in so many areas of your life: how you manage pain and illness, how to react and appreciate the difference in others, even how to be a better listener.”

Christy Andrews, Executive Director, Cancer Support Community- Atlanta

“My frenetic work schedule requires a lot of energy, focus, and communication. Splash into Calm skillfully demonstrates how on-the-spot techniques lower my stress level and increase my energy.This book is a must-have for anyone with a busy life.”

Timothy S. Mescon, PhD, President Columbus State University

“It is refreshing to read a book about stress management that is upbeat, simple, and enjoyable. In this complex world, we need the wisdom, wit and warmth contained in Splash into Calm.”

Sim Pearl, Head of School, Weber School

“I would highly recommend Ellen Sichel, President of Custom Calm, LLC as a speaker with a very important and worthwhile message that everyone could use. Her presentation was very engaging and resulted in many questions from the audience.”

Dave Zilles, Support Group Leader, Greater Atlanta Ataxia Support Group