Good Riddance 2016: Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Butt!


This has been a very troublesome, painful year and we were all impacted.

Personally, I retreated from just about everything and am now crawling (okay, blasting) back out- yes, I am alive and well. My decision not to write and work with clients was a symptom of what was going on personally and worldwide.The truth is, I had nothing to give.  The political climate turned me into an angry, sad, fearful, person and all my practices were not enough to fix it.

This got me thinking…
I need for it to be okay to feel crappy, angry, sad, frustrated, scared, and confused.  My resistance to what I was feeling and my judgment of myself as a professional was pulling me down even more.

This too got me thinking
It is okay for me to ride the wave of all my feelings and still be the upbeat, proactive person I know myself to be.

Still more thinking (too much time off gets me thinking a lot)
It is time to shake things up.  To stop doing what is no longer working and make space for what is to come.  Here are a few first steps:

1.  I will write blogs again twice a month to start. I promise to keep it real.
2.  After February, I will no longer be teaching my evening class at the Cancer Support Community.
3.  I have taken a 10 hour per week job helping a non-profit coordinate their events. Stay tuned.
4.  I will only spend my time with those who are in alignment with my core values.
5.  I will no longer put myself out to those people and organizations who take me for granted.
6.  I will build my business in a way that feeds me.  No more focus on $$$ and more focus on what makes my heart sing. Stay tuned.
7.  I will be politically active- I will not “get over” prejudice and injustice, but do something about it.

One last thought…
These changes are just the beginning. I am cleaning house- no more clutter in all areas of my life (Robert and the kids, you can stay!)
I will not be a victim of our chaotic world.  I will take action and get back to being the powerhouse I know myself to be.

Wishing us all a peaceful, proactive, and joyful New Year.

Warm regards,



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