What Gives You Relief from Our Crazy, Chaotic World?  Yes, You Heard Me Correctly- S’mores!

I planned to write a funny post about a recent experience, but after hearing about Wednesday’s terror attack in London and the killing of a Jewish Family in Paris this week, I am not really in a playful mood.  One of my daughters just left London, so it hit home even more.

My heart is heavy from the hatred in our country and world.  I do not want to turn into the fear based, angry person I had become just a few months back.

I ask myself, what do I do now?  How do I help heal the world besides donating time and money to causes I care about? How can I write a solution based post, when feeling this way?

The answer is- practice what I teach (boy, that’s annoying!)  I need to find a way to fill up though out my day, even when I have no time- and so do you.

My S’mores experience is an example:

I was at a bonfire event this weekend. For those who do not know what a S’more is, you are missing out.  Marshmallows roasted over a campfire (a fireplace will do), a chocolate bar, and a graham cracker.    I could have slapped it all together and wolfed it down, but chose not to.  This is what I did:

I got my ingredients, picked out a good stick, put two marshmallows on the stick, put stick over the fire, watched the marshmallow get bubbly and a bit burnt (that to me gets the marshmallow gooey in the middle), take the graham cracker, break it in two, put my chocolate bar on the cracker, and then take both crackers, make a sandwich, and squeeze the marshmallow in between until it comes off.

Yes, quite a production. Now for the best part- take a bite, (rather than putting it all in my mouth at once-tempting I know), chew, get messy marshmallow all over my face, and continue the process.  When finished, lick all the goo off my fingers. This brought back childhood camp memories.  Now that is a meditative, uplifting experience.  As I sit and write about it, my heaviness is lifting.


Simple, lifesaving moments

We need this level of simplicity.  Life is challenging and at times chaotic and frightening.  Everyone is affected. It is not about avoidance, but about balance.  Without the mundane moments of enjoyment, it is easy to get pulled into the muck and tough to crawl out.

It is all happening now

My feeling of sadness over the terror in London, memory of my S’mores experience, the sound of my dog chewing her bone, the smell of my lunch, is happening right now- got the picture?

So, my point? Make a decision each day to be aware of things that you find uplifting- even for a moment.  The moments add up and give you the balance you need to find some joy or sanity each day.  Simple- yes, Challenging-yes, Practical and Possible- Absolutely.

And if you have not yet indulged in S’mores, give it a try! 

Leave a comment about what you find uplifting in your day

Hope to see you soon.

Warm regards,



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  1. ellen w March 23, 2017

    it really is incredible when you give in to the moment to do something silly or indulgent. taking the time to feel all it has to offer is super charging. thanks for continuing to teach me mindfulness! p.s. i am going to use my gas stove to roast a marshmallow soon:)!


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