Find Your Mountain in 5 Steps

The web definition of a mountain:  A natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass, generally steep sides, and a height greater than that of a hill.

A mountain is unmovable.  It is solid and even when the weather and seasons change, the mountain maintains its structure.

As humans, we have stressful situations that change our weather and seasons and we often get lost in the changes, forgetting we have the characteristics of mountains.  There is some part of us beneath the surface of our minds that has considerable mass, just like the mountain. 

Try this:

  1. Stand with your feet side by side with your toes slightly inward.
  2. Feel the solid contact of your feet on the surface beneath you.
  3. Bring to mind the image of a majestic mountain.  It might be one you have seen.
  4. Take a close look at its powerful structure.
  5. Imagine that you are that mountain and breathe into that vastness in yourself.

Let me know in the comments below if you were able to see this mountain.  Could you feel it in your body?  If not, what do you think got in your way?  Share your experience in the comments below.



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