Are You Up, Down, or Both?  It’s Enough to Make You Crazy!

Super Bowl Insanity

I watched the Super bowl a few nights ago and was immersed in the highs and lows of the game.

Feelings of excitement, anticipation, frustration, and huge disappointment all occurred within a 3.5- hour time period.

I even turned into an expert on how to coach a game- after all, I have watched football before! To help ease my pain at the loss of my Atlanta Falcons, I stuffed my face with my husband’s decadent chocolate pecan pie (definitely worth the calories.)
After the game, I decompressed, slept, woke up and did what I always do- my routine.

What Changed
Really, nothing had changed.  I was still Ellen, up and down with the challenges and joys of life.
Day to day, we face uncertainty and fear in our tumultuous world, yet we still go to bed, wake up and do our daily routine once again.
As I write this, it can seem pretty boring, yet there is something comforting about this.

The consistency inherent in my daily routines helps keep me grounded and sane (most of the time!) 

There is something important here- the need for grounding, especially in times of uncertainty.  I think it is the simplicity.  It is a coming home.  When I feel out of sorts, I need to remember to come home.  It might be a breath, a mundane errand, or some other sort of simple activity.  It is an “undoing”, rather than more doing, reacting, or forcing.
There is a book of poems by Danna Faulds that I read from when I teach my gentle yoga class.  The last stanza of a poem is on point:

This life, this extraordinary
imperfection, this moment
just as it is, this is all I’m
here to receive. The infuriating,
limitless simplicity of the day-to-day
living holds everything
I think I’m missing.

My Point

Yes, life is very complex, yet there is simplicity that we can embrace.  I know I am getting more esoteric than usual, but this rings so true. Allow your daily routines to help anchor you.  Stay as present when doing them as you can.  This way, when you go out to engage your world, you will have more of yourself to give.

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