Embrace Life, Live Mindfully

“Much of human misery is caused by the fact that we live our lives mechanically, never properly attending to what it is to be alive.”   -Georgei Guridieff

This powerful quote sums up what all great traditions refer to when they speak about awakening.

To be awake means to be completely conscious, to be aware of yourself and your surroundings.

 So, what really is mindfulness?   Mindfulness is the non-judgmental awareness of the moment.

The core point here is non-judgment.  Think about it- when we judge, where is that judgment coming from?  It comes from our experiences and those experiences are from the past.  It comes from our mind. 

In the moment, you are present to what is happening and when you are present, you are not thinking about situations or sensations that cause stress or pain.  This is the ultimate practice.  You begin to embrace your experiences and there is a deep freedom and sense of aliveness that comes with that.

Do you live life in the moment?



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