Cultivating Calm One Month Virtual Program

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You are one step away from learning how to struggle less and enjoy life more!

Cultivating Calm – One Month Virtual Program

Tuesday evenings 7 – 8:15PM EST:  September 9, 16, 23, 30


Thanks for listening in on the call! What a great turn-out. Since you gave me an hour of your valuable time, I’m returning the gift with $100 off my program. This will be my lowest available price to you for the course, and I’m offering it exclusively for one week before sign-up cost rises to a firm $495.


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If you are one of the first 5 people to sign up by Monday, August 18th at 11:59PM EST, you will receive one extra private session with Ellen!

What will you get from the Cultivating Calm one month webinar?  A LOT!


  • Calls: 4 – 1 hour 15 minute jam-packed calls with content including;
    perspectives, techniques, and Q & A to make sure you have everything you need to set you on your way to calm living.

    • Perspectives — Find out how your current perspective increases your stress level and learn new perspectives to cultivate calm.
    • Techniques — All techniques are designed to quickly shift your state of mind to calm,- anytime, anywhere.  You will learn specific practices all designed to help you learn to increase your awareness which is KEY to cultivating calm.  Techniques use your breath and body.
    • Q & A to give you the opportunity to clarify with Ellen so you feel confident that you understand what I am teaching.


  • Handouts: Practices that we will review and dive in together on during the weekly calls.
    • To further assure your success, you are given with an overview of points covered.
    • You will have step by step written instruction on  specific techniques and perspectives.  This is a great reference to support you.  Eventually, you will no longer need them because you will automatically know what to do to cultivate calm.


  • Challenges — we want this to be fun!
    • We love a challenge and love to give out little gifts!
    • Challenges help you to stay on track and inspire you to practice.


  • Homework — don’t worry, this is not like school!
    • The only way to learn how to make any change, no matter how small is practice.
    • Quick and easy daily practices that will quickly become a part of you.


  • Recordings: Just in case you miss a call or want a review.
    • There are times you want a quick review.
    • We like to make life easy so if you have a conflict, you can listen to all the juicy information as if you were there.


  • Private time: 30 minute one-on-one session with me. You will gain a lot from this time.
    • We give you the opportunity to solidify your practices.
    • Answer a question that you feel hesitant to ask on the group call.
    • We know we all have some different challenges, so this is the time to get some one-on-one support.


  • Facebook Community: Knowing you are not alone is powerful support.
    • Private Facebook group for group communication and support between calls
    • From time to time you will get suggestions from me
    • A great place to share success stories and struggles.


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“I will tell you that I have enjoyed working with you immensely and credit much of my growth to our sessions together. Your help has been invaluable.”

Susie W.
R.N. going though challenging time



“Ellen’s expertise and soothing manner enabled her to help me find a sense of inner calm that I had been missing in recent years.”

Bonnie B.
Cancer Survivor/ Fibromyalgia patient



“Ellen was a  great presenter with good, easy-to-remember tips. This session was so ‘everyday’ useful!”

Kristie Sharp
Atlanta Regional Commission, Division on aging



You will get my exclusive discounted price of $395.00,

which is a savings of $100.00! 


This offer is only good from August 14th through August 21st at 11:59PM EST.

I am all about making things as easy as possible, so I am offering two payment options.

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2. Pay Half now, Pay Half in 30 days



One Month Virtual Program
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At checkout $205.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1) $205.00 USD
Total $410.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Cultivating Calm — One Month Virtual Program

Ready for a commitment that will make your life happier, healthier, and filled with calmness?
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I look forward to the webinar and am thrilled you have decided to be a part of Cultivating Calm.  

Talk soon!

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“In my work with Ellen, I no longer think about what I need to do to calm down —  it has become a part of me.”

Sue R.
Custom Calm client


“She was the perfect combination of expertise, practical tips, and humor, keeping the audience fully engaged throughout her presentation.”

Ruth Anne W.
Regional President — Hadassah Regional Conference