Controlled Chaos:  Now That’s What I’m Talking About!  

Ellen Sichel:
Controlled Chaos Personified

I admit it- I am a Shark Tank fan.  One episode I watched two women in the beauty industry pitch their product: Controlled Chaos-  It gives those with curly hair a softer curl, controls frizz without the stiff product feel.  They were passionate, real, fun, and a bit chaotic- they eventually got a deal. I loved the founders and product name and can totally relate (way beyond my hair!).  I too can be chaotic and am sure you can too.

As for my hair, it is basically curly when cut properly, yet most of the time I blow dry the curl out.  I do not enjoy this chore at all (even when trying some mindful drying!)  Why, you might wonder do I participate in this hot, annoying ritual?  To look a bit tidier and more professional, especially when I speak.  I was raised with a more conservative look- neat and controlled.  Hmmm, this sounds really nuts to me as I write this.

Well, times have changed.  I am now committed to going curly- apply product, shake, and go.  I will even get my haircut to maximize my curls.  I have included a selfie (not my best.)  You might be wondering where I am going with this blog and what this has to do with stress management and calm living. Okay, here goes…

Control does not work
It creates rigidity just like a sticky and unnatural hair product designed to make hair behave.

Chaos can be fun when it doesn’t take over
Chaos can look natural and playful.  I have been trying (not too successfully) to behave- to keep some reserved air about me- after all, I teach calm living- right?  Boy,that too sounds lame.

This is why Controlled Chaos appealed to me.  It is the perfect combo.  Control without the edge, without the rigidity, without forcing-  It is natural and relaxed, mixed in with some play .It is both anchored and free.

You do not need curly hair to relate to this. Take a look at how you show up to life.  Are you showing up as-is, or are you running your life from a place perfection and frustration.  This is much of what underlies stress.  Fighting who we are.

Yes, I am still in my Inciting a Riot phase of life.  I will be a bit curlier, but know if I feel like it I can choose to style my hair (I am beginning to sound like a Barbie commercial- curly Barbie, dressy Barbie- Oy.)

Now it’s your turn
I hope you can come along and put a bit of Controlled Chaos in your day. For those of you who love the chaos, go ahead- after all calm living is not about being this Zen flower.  It is more about learning how to mix the two- tame your chaos, don’t get rid of it.

For now, notice where you are trying to stay socially acceptable or feel embarrassed when you try something a bit out of your comfort zone.  What stops you?

I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment if you would like.
P.S.  More curls to come after my next haircut and yes, I did order the product!

Warm regards,



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