Change: Easier Than You Think

I come across many individuals who are trying to lower their stress levels.   We all know that there are many consequences of stress on the body and mind, and we want a life where stress does not take us over.

I was having lunch with a friend that has been in physical and emotional pain stemming from her responsibility of caregiving her elder parents.  Her therapist gave her a relaxation CD to follow, which takes about forty five minutes.  I asked her if it was helping, and she sheepishly said no-she could not seem to find the time.  Unfortunately, this response is not uncommon.

I find to make any shift we need the techniques presented in a simple manner that we can employ on our own.  To be successful, it is better to practice each day for five minutes than to try to practice for an hour once a week.  It does not matter how much pain and anguish a person is in—it is human nature to put things off because of the time and money commitment.

My new book, Splash Into Calm fosters success because every centering technique and perspective I teach is short, sweet, and simple. 

We tend to think techniques must be complex for them to be effective.  The truth is, just as a child needs things kept approachable and enjoyable, so do we.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried techniques for stress and if you regularly practice.  If not, what do you think gets in your way?



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