Calm Your Mind: Attitude #1

Helping the mind remain calm and undisturbed is a lifelong practice. Often our thoughts are agitated from our reactions to other people.

A chapter in the yoga texts focuses on four categories of people and how cultivating certain attitudes will help.

Attitude  #1:

Cultivate Friendliness toward the happy.

When someone gets something that they are excited about it, jealousy can set in.  This only disturbs you, especially if you want what they have attained.

A shift in attitude to open up to another persons happiness can fill you with joy as well as leave you feeling calm and centered.

Next time your feel yourself feeling uneasy around someone’s happiness, take a breath and shift your thoughts.

Give this a try and in the comments below, let me know what happened.  If you were unable to be open to someone's happiness, what do you think got in the way?



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