Calm Living Book Club


And, What Stinks Worse Is Trying To Deal With It Alone!



  • You are sick and tired of others giving you suggestion: Well-meaning people telling you what you should do to help yourself, when they haven’t walked in your shoes.  They just don’t get it.
  • You are disgusted: Nothing seems to work, and even if it does, it doesn’t last long. Everyone claims their way is the answer.
  • You have spent a ton of time and money: Running around is daunting and the results are minimal.
  • You see no end in sight: Your situation has taken over your life.  You push through events that used to be fun if you even have the time or energy to participate.  Your life is a spiral of trying to manage.
  • Caregiving has taken over your life: You have no time for yourself and feel burnt out.

I get it! I have been there, chased my tail and tried everything.  This is exactly why I started the No B.S.: Calm Living Book Club.  A virtual program that keeps it so simple and useful that it really works.  The best part is that you can call in from anywhere.  Even if you have a conflict, you will not miss out because the calls will be recorded.  Can it get any easier?

The program is ongoing, so you can join at any time.  It is based on my book/CD, Splash Into Calm  – a book loaded with techniques, perspectives, and stories communicated  in Ellen’s no B.S style – playful and realistic.

Download the Calm Living Book Club Brochure


  • We have virtual live calls two times per month. These calls will be recorded, so you can tune in if you miss a call or want a review.
  • You will be assigned a chapter from the book and a practice for each session.
  • You will receive additional handouts and practices that are not in the book.
  • There will be teaching, group discussion, and Q&A.
  • You will have a buddy to check-in with for mutual support
  • There is a four-month commitment – change takes time and the community support makes all the difference.


  • How to anchor yourself in the moment and transform knee-jerk reactions into calm responses.
  • How to communicate with doctors and loved ones openly and effectively.
  • Evidence-based techniques to improve your nervous system and immune system.
  • Practices to help quiet your relentless thoughts so you improve your memory and focus.
  • How to improve your sleep and relax your body.
  • How to effectively lower your pain symptoms.
  • How to balance your day and get back to having some fun.
  • Simple daily practices that are easy to incorporate in your day, anytime, anyplace.

Imagine being part of a community that really gets it.  A community that has your back and helps you to move forward.

How awesome would it be to learn from a compassionate, upbeat teacher that guides you into the solution

That is what you get in The No B.S.: Calm Living Book Club!





Here’s a juicy fact about me.  I am a recovering control freak, Type A+++ personality.  Ask anyone who knew me and they will heartily agree.  That leaves me wondering how I ended up teaching those dealing with chronic illness, pain and stress how to take care of themselves. After all, I was a business woman and an overachiever sales person, until I was diagnosed with Lupus.

That changed things in a hurry.

I had to learn how to manage my pain and illness.  I took a gentle yoga class and hated the slow pace, however my body loved how it felt.  Like a good type A, I not only became an advanced instructor, I opened my own studio to help those dealing with illness and pain.

My next big challenge came with my younger daughter’s diagnosis with a serious chronic illness.  All the yoga and meditation in the world was not enough to sustain me.  I had little time to juggle all that was on my plate and certainly had no time to take care of myself.  I needed a way to stay calm in the midst of the chaos, show up for others, and take care of my body so I did not crash.

In my quest for a solution, I took more trainings – Mindful Based Stress Reduction and Awareness training at Duke Integrative Medicine.  I learned how to stay present in the moment to help with my reactivity, and am forever grateful.

There was still something missing.  My education, work experience, and personal experiences made it clear – what is needed was simplicity – a way to help myself without it taking much time.

That is why I started Custom Calm. My commitment is to keep it real, cut through the B.S., and help others help themselves.  No matter what I am teaching or how long the speaking event, my audience will learn something tangible that can be used the moment they walk out the door.

When I am not enjoying my family and playing, you will find me teaching at the cancer center, chemotherapy infusion center, speaking at healthcare conferences and support groups, teaching continuing education to healthcare professionals, running on-line programs and trainings, working privately with clients, and writing blogs and new book content.  I am a busy lady!

I am a New York transplant and have lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 36 years with my wonderful husband Robert and my quirky dog Kiddo.  My amazing adult children Jennifer and Jamie are busy living their own lives – I learn from them on a daily basis.  Much like myself, their past experiences shaped their work.

I live and breathe what I teach. Of course I get stressed, but it no longer takes me over – that’s a gift.

One thing I know for sure:  If you want to embrace life no matter what is happening, you can – If I can live calmly, so can you!