Custom Calm • Mind Techniques and Perspectives

The ability to stay present moment by moment is the most powerful, effective method of transforming stress and pain into productive solutions. Only in the moment can you remain focused, energized, and calm, simultaneously. The benefits of Custom Calm techniques are both realistic and life changing.

  • An increase in energy and vitality
  • Improved concentration, clarity, and memory
  • Improved decision making and performance
  • A stronger overall mental and emotional state
  • An understanding of your present experience and the way you react to it
  • The empowerment to immediately reduce your anxiety and stress
  • Improved morale and communications, enhancing your daily experience

In addition:

  • You will reduce health risks, decreasing insurance costs, saving time and money
  • You will be able to respond effectively
  • Your sleep will improve, boosting energy and productivity throughout your day
  • Your muscle tension will decrease, allowing you to center and relax
  • Your heart rate will stabilize, fostering more stamina
  • You will  reduce your blood pressure, allowing your body to concentrate its efforts elsewhere
  • Your digestion will improve, absorbing more nutrients from your food
  • Your oxygen intake will increase, enhancing brain and blood function,  increasing efficiency

Custom Calm • Self-Exploration

There is great freedom and empowerment in recognizing you already have the wisdom to help yourself and resolve your own predicaments and challenges.  When your mind is stuck in habitual patterns, it is difficult to see clearly and it may seem like there is no way out.

Custom Calm offers a guided Self- Exploration technique to help gain clarity and make clear decisions. The benefits are life changing and include:

  • The reduction in mental and physical tension
  • The magnification of old patterns  so you can see clearly without judgment
  • The ability to live life calm and centered
  • The release of stress
  • A quieting of your mind, fostering increased stamina throughout the day

 Custom Calm ∙ Body Centering Techniques

Maximize focus and productivity with the physical practices we provide at Custom Calm.  Our physical practices are simple, effective, approachable and empowering.  You will have the tools to ease physical pain and discomfort while at home or on the job, improving how you feel from head to toe.

Take a few minutes a day at your home or desk to experience the benefits that are realistic and life changing and include:

  • Decreased neck and back pain, improving your ability to focus on the tasks at hand
  • Increased awareness of your body, strengthening your ability to stay centered in challenging situations
  • Increased productivity with a body that is decompressed and relaxed
  • More blood and oxygen will flow through your muscles, increasing strength and stamina
  • Increased  lung capacity  will improve and enhance your breathing
  • Regulated digestion, feeling more comfortable in your body

In addition:

  • Your decreased mental stress and physical  tension bring greater enjoyment to  life
  • You will be grounded and empowered in your day
  • You will be able to communicate more effectively
  • Your internal organs will be fortified with increased  blood flow and oxygen, elevating your overall health
  • You will know how to release stiffness from body  and move with greater ease and comfort
  • Your stamina will increase, allowing you to perform more effectively and productively
  • Your  spinal tension will release, decreasing pain  throughout your body
  • You will know how to release physical discomfort when traveling