Article: Market Stress? Try Yoga-It Might Also Relieve Your Asthma, Ailing Back

Exciting evidence based studies have been made for over a decade.

The medical community is supporting and recommending practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing as complementary therapies to traditional medicine.

This article from the Wall Street Journal in 2002 supports these practices.  

Physicians in the US and abroad did studies in three areas:

Chronic back pain:  Studies showed that after 3 months the results were reduction in pain by 80%.  The study spoke of “therapeutic yoga”, which is quite different from some of the more aggressive traditional styles that are practiced.

Mental Health:  The article studied yoga’s focusing practices and found significant improvement in adults suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder.

Cardiovascular Diseases:  Yoga practices showed a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate and improved cardiovascular endurance.

All of Custom Calm practices positively influence medical ailments. Custom Calm therapeutic yoga and yoga therapy is a gentle, supported yoga designed to decompress the spine.  All practices are accessible to everyone.



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