Are You the Problem or Solution?

There is a saying in Twelve Step Recovery Programs:

If I am not the problem, there is no solution.  In other words, the only one you can change is YOU.

That simple sentence is very freeing.  It takes others out of the equation and puts the responsibility for your state of mind in your hands.

Even if someone has wronged you, it is up to you to keep your side of the street clean- it might be as simple as a change in attitude. This shifts the power others have over you and places it in your hands. 

There is great empowerment in living this way. You will have less stress and pain.  You have a choice of what you want to focus on-the problem or the solution.

When you choose to live in the solution, you will have more stamina and clarity to enjoy and participate in your life each moment.  

Do you live in the problem or solution?

Let me know in the comments below how you have shifted into the solution.  If you are struggling in the problem, what do you think is getting in the way?



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