My Anti- New Year’s Resolution  Enough Resolving, Act Aleardy!

I recently read an article written by one of my mentors and she always leaves me feeling inspired.  What I love about her is that she has the guts to stay true to who she is.  That is what makes her work so darn amazing.

In my work, I think of myself as keeping it real as well, and with that said, I have to get something off my chest about New Year’s Resolution newsletters:

I Hate Them! They are boring, redundant, and most are full of nothing and not particularly helpful.

This got me thinking… why do most resolutions not work?

Research Needed:

I decided to research this phenomena, and take a look at the definition of resolution.
Resolution: A firm decision to do or not to do something.  Okay, so it is a decision- let’s look that up.
Decision: A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. So it’s about consideration- let’s check out that definition.
Consideration: Careful thought, typically over a period of time.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Getting the picture?  Think and consider and decide, Oh my!

Hello, where is the ACTION???
Where is the part where you are actually doing something?

That is what I want to stand up and scream about (Okay, these days there are many things I want to stand up and scream about.)  Do something already!

My work is based on action, not resolution- change only comes from action.  You cannot think your way or get ready to get ready to change.  That, my dear reader is a big cop out and keeps you stuck.
I challenge you to act, no matter how small it is.  One of my actions is to get back to writing.  I love it, it is therapeutic, and I hope it helps others – even it brings a smile to your face.  The truth is, I write for myself- it is good for my soul.

What can you do today that is good for your soul?  Do not resolve to do it, don’t consider it, don’t make a decision-  Do something, anything- not later- Now

Have an Un-Resolution, action-filled New Year!
Warm regards,




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