Another Mistake? Just Another Day in the Life of Ellen!

I did it again!  I did not catch an error, and this was a biggie (or was it?) Back in January I rebranded.  I changed up my business cards and ordered a new banner.  My logo remained the same but my new No B.S. message was loud and clear–new design and colors.  After all, I was tired of my message being soft and socially acceptable.  I was finally being true to who I was.

I was rocking and rolling in my networking events, handing out cards and making connections.

Today I had given my card to someone what was going to call me with some information.  I received an email from him telling me that my phone number was no longer in service.  No longer in service???  You know that feeling in your body when you realize something is amiss?  Well, I got it. I slowly took out a card to check the information and low and behold, my phone number had one wrong number.

My first reaction was a resounding !%0&X@).  First I took a nice slow breath to clear my mind. The next thought was to wait until I got home and do what was necessary to fix the problem.  The thought of blame was not on the radar as I knew ultimately it was my responsibility to make sure the proof was correct.

Once again, I felt as if I was the Where’s Waldo of copy errors.  There is one hiding somewhere if you look hard enough.

My actions reminded me how far I have come.  I did not beat up on myself or point the finger at anyone. That avoided stress, frustration, judgment, blame, shame, and I would venture to say a headache.  It is that simple–live life in the solution. Action is the key.

When I got home, another thought occurred to me.  I had a new banner made and I got this feeling that I had best check the file.  Oops, the wrong number again and this was a more expensive mistake. In the next few months I will update the banner.  No big deal.  There is great freedom in knowing that an error is just that: an error.

The reality of the situation was:

  • I made a mistake; it was not a reflection on who I am. It’s okay.
  • I can easily order new cards.
  • No one looks at the phone number on my banner anyway. I can order a new one when I am ready.
  • I learned to have someone else do my final edits, even on a business card.
  • I am still alive and well.  This is not a life altering experience.

The morals of the story:

  1.  It is clearly my reaction, not the event that shapes my experiences.
  2.  It is good I do not make my living as a proof reader!

Remember, we have our strong and weak attributes.  Ease up on yourself and enjoy the ride.

P.S.  If you are checking this for mistakes, let me know if you find one!



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