Airline Chaos: What the #*&x! is going on???

Every day we see another crazed event surrounding airlines both on and off the plane. Luckily, I have a month to brush up on my boxing skills or buy a helmet before my vacation!

My thoughts
I have been giving this some thought and put it out to my husband.  He feels that it has always happened but now we have the ability to catch it on video.  I’m not sure I agree.

I think the culprit is the tension that is prevalent in our country, triggering impatience and anger..It is a constant low level anxiety, and I for one have been dealing with it on a daily basis.  I am afraid It’s not going away any time soon. So what does one do about it?

Well, as a realist it will take some action on our part.  How do you remain calm (or sane) in the midst of the chaos around you?  It is not about avoiding what is or being asleep and wishing things would be different.

I have chosen to break my silence and write about this- partially to hear my own solutions and partially because it is part of our daily reality.  We are going through a really crappy, turbulent time (to put it nicely) and it has been going on for a few years now- sadly, it is escalating.

Some help
Here are my simple sanity thoughts:  Stay present.  A mindful practice throughout your day will help.

  • Notice what is going on around you, without judgment
  • Notice the tension in your body
  • Notice your thoughts at any given moment
  • Notice your feelings
  • Do not try to change how you feel
  • Do not try to make sense of what is happening
  • Hang out with people that share your values and talk about positive topics
  • Balance any proactive activities you are involved in, with the rest of your life
  • Add something uplifting to do or read on a daily basis.
  • Remember, there is only so much negativity you can handle before it seeps into your cells. Been there and it is not pretty, so take care of you!

  In any given moment

  • Pause before you do or say anything.
  • Take an inhale and a slow exhale
  • Get in your body: Feel your feet connect to the floor and look at your surroundings.
  • Make eye contact with someone who is struggling.  We all need some compassion.

Change it up
No matter how evolved you are, it is a time to increase whatever you do to keep yourself spiritually fit.  You might even have to change up or add to your routine.  For example, most days I try to get still and follow my thoughts in a mindful way.  On some days my thoughts take me into the gutter, so a different practice is needed.  Maybe simply sitting outside and noticing nature and feeling the air against my skin will be my practice, or maybe a quick walk is needed.  To force or expect yourself to do what is usually effective, will be counterproductive.

It is t time to be kind to yourself.  Give yourself a break and Lighten Up. If you are planning a vacation, make sure to fill the well.  Of course, if you are afraid of the dreaded air travel, go ahead and drive- you might get there faster!  Stay safe and be well. .



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