Everything Has a Learning Curve

In the process of writing this book, I feel humbled by the process and complexity of what is involved.  It reminds me that everything we try has a learning curve.  As a baby we learned to walk, then we tackled the bicycle, and as a teen we learned how to drive. They all took time and practice.

 As adults, we tend to resist this natural process and are surprised and even frustrated at the length of time it takes to try something new.  This book has had so many steps that at times I felt overwhelmed.  My feelings stemmed more from how much I did not know, than from the actual process.  I think that this is at the heart of resistance and it perpetuates stress. It is natural to want to feel secure in our knowledge and intelligence, but this need can get in the way of success.  Buddhist philosophy suggests a beginners mind, and that has been helpful to me.  Think about how a child explores something new.  It is with curiosity and excitement.  What a great way to live.

As this book comes to completion (I hope!), I have learned a great deal about all aspects of the process.  I will certainly write another book, if only to amortize the time and money that this book required! 

As with any project, I needed to remember what my wise husband says each time he tackles a new task; project how much time and money you think it will cost and Double It. How true!

What process have you gone through that had a learning curve?  Let me know in the comments below.



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