Find Gratitude in 4 Steps

There are times when our lives are overwhelming and things are not going as planned.  It is during this time that gratitude helps to soften what seems never ending.

The challenge is finding gratitude in the midst of frustration, fear and uncertainty.

We forget that we have had uplifting experiences in the past, no matter how minor.  The sweet, small events we have had are often overshadowed by the negative.

You do not have to feel grateful to be grateful.  It can be a decision and it will help make a shift in your attitude.  

Try this simple practice:

  1. Close your eyes or have a soft gaze.
  2. Bring to mind some experience that you had in the past that you enjoyed, no matter how small.
  3. Stay focused on that experience, while taking a few breaths.
  4. With each slow, deep inhale and exhalation, say the words Thank You.

Let me know in the comments below if this helped reset your attitude.  Were you able to take a few moments to try this?  If not, what do you think happened?



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