1 Step to Compassion for Elder Parents

Elders are often stuck in their way of thinking and communication can get quite frustrating.   It is clear that no matter what is said, they are not going to change, but we try anyway bringing increased tension and frustration. 

There is another way: Compassion

It is easy to practice when you are not so invested in the situation, but the challenge is to practice compassion with a parent who “pushes your buttons”.

It is challenging not to argue and judge when they are being stubborn or negative.

Try This:

Step back, take a breath and consciously change your focus to see beyond their behavior.  Look at them as a human being with fears and struggles.  

When you make this shift, your will be more calm and centered and can bring that state into the relationship with them, meeting them where they are at.

Give this a try next time you are with elders that are frustrating and let me know in the comments below how it went.  If you could not make the shift, what do you think happened?



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