Get this:  It’s not your  chronic illness, pain, or stress that’s kicking your butt.

And that’s great news.

Most people whose bottom has just dropped out of their life say things like:

“I used to be a dynamo but I  have no clue how to deal with what’s on my plate.”

“I want to stay effective on my job but my circumstances are really stressing me out”

“I am sick of people telling me not to stress out or to take care of myself- who has the time?”

“My relationships are strained from my situation.”

“I’m so stressed all the time, I’m not sleeping well (and have chronic headaches).”

“I support friends and family who are dealing with eldercare and illness and I am burning out.”

I get it.

I have lived with chronic pain and Lupus for most of my life (and been a caregiver myself) and I was a powerhouse. I tried everything bu it was not sustainable. It helped for an hour or two, but was not useful enough to really make a difference. There had to be another way.

What I came to was this:

I needed to quit trying to escape and find a new way to live my life. Because the pain or the illness wasn’t going to go away, my life had changed.  What I learned was that I had to change the way I related to it. For example, learning how to let go of the judgment, and be with what is. (This may sound like granola B.S., but it’s actually steeped in evidence – and it works.)

So now I work with people who are dealing were dynamos and want to get back to their glory days- when they loved what they did and loved to immerse in life.  I train them how to integrate real, useful, practical skills that help anytime, anywhere – at work, in a car, at the doctor, when having a challenging conversation, at the airport, and even at the circus – when I say anywhere, I mean anywhere!

Whether you have an autoimmune disease, or high stress situation that was thrown on your lap, a sick child or aging parent, maybe chronic pain, or some other life changing event.

If you are the kind of person to roll up your sleeves and get down to the business of getting back to being the awesome person you were, then let’s talk.

I work a handful of individuals and small groups who want customized, hands-on support and are all-in.

I’d love to hear from you!