If You Are Living with Chronic Illness or Pain – Take Charge Now!


If you are living with chronic illness or pain you may be saying:  I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, I do not enjoy life anymore, and I am so  focused on my (or my loved one’s) health that I no longer participate in what I used to enjoy. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I feel guilty for draining everyone around me.

 I’ve been there. I have been dealing with Lupus for years.

Support Group Leaders, you may be saying:  The people I am trying to help are stuck in their pain and I am losing participants. I am desperate for real life  solutions that I can share with participants.  I feel worn out and discouraged.

 I’ve been there.  As a patient with Lupus and a caregiver of a chronically ill child. 

Healthcare Professionals & Companies you may be saying:  Our quality of care is declining because we are crashing under the pressure of what is expected of us. Between patients and family, I have nothing more to give. I have not time to take care of me.

 I’ve been there.  I deal with patients, caregivers, and staff daily. 

Let me cut through the B.S
. and save you time and money, because I have tried it all. You do not have to wait until your condition worsens. Take charge of your illness and pain now, feel better, and get back to enjoying life. Your illness does not have to define you, take over your life, and drain your loved ones.

You can have a new reality:  What would life be like if you could wake up in the morning knowing that you were in charge of your illness and pain?  What if you knew how to quickly regain a sense of calm, control, and ease no matter what is happening around you?  How much would your relationships improve if you knew how to quickly take care of yourself when you were in pain or stressed?

Frustration will slip away, and be replaced with a focused, determined, energized, and centered you–knowing how to quickly shift your reaction to solution. You will know exactly how to take care of yourself on every level- body, mind, and emotions; anytime, anyplace.  You are in charge of stopping the spiral of losing your identity to your situation and get back to living, rather than struggling through life.

I know, you’re saying to yourself; Ellen, this sounds great, but I am too busy to breathe!  That is exactly why everything I teach is with you in mind. I designed my entire program and trainings be as easy as tying your shoes (bunny ears or not.)  I customize everything because we are all different- every patient, caregiver, company each has their own uniqueness- no B.S. in my approach! Short, uncomplicated, and customized, is my code, and my attitude is simple:  If I can do this, anyone can!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Ellen Sichel

CEO & President

You might be thinking, but I want to know more and see for myself if this really works. We can make that happen with little effort.  Schedule a conversation by email:, or by phone: 770-313-6162.