Get This:  All Employees Are Not The Same

So why not have a Health & Wellness program

that works for everyone?


You invest in a Health & Wellness program to benefit both your company and your employees.  Some employees are all in, some resent the push to participant because they have no time.  Even the employees who participate eventually lose momentum and their progress go down the drain.

So what’s the problem? What’s missing?  A few key elements:  Accountability, consistency approachability, fun, quick, and easy.  For change to last, it must be hardwired.

Fact or Fiction?

  • All employees are the same
  • Some employees are in great shape
  • Some employees have health issues
  • Some employees have children who need a lot of attention
  • Some employees are juggling responsibilities of their aging parents
  • Some employees have chronic stress
  • Some employees are too busy to breathe


Get the picture?  This is why I took my one- on- one training approach into the corporate arena.  People are different and so are companies.

Custom Calm’s upbeat, unique approach to health and wellness programs make sure that no matter how small your company, you have a customized program that works for you and your employees.  We support all employees, getting down in the trenches with support staff.  They can make or break any company and are often overlooked.

The benefits of an effective health & wellness program are too numerous to list here, but we all want to lower insurance costs, decrease sick days, improve communication, and increase employee productivity. This is not a pipe dream- it can be your reality.  We make it quick and user friendly because one thing we know for sure- no one has extra time!

Our services range from a full program design to a one- time Lunch & Learn.  We collaborate to come up with a plan that best supports you and your employees- a win-win partnership.

I’d love to have a conversation